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  • Dal Al
  • Dimagrire con Twitter (?)

    Secondo un articolo del Corriere, l'uso di twitter aiuterebbe a dimagrire. Secondo l'abstract della ricerca segnalata nell'articolo, pubblicata sul Translational Behavioral Medicine, i partecipanti che più avevano perso peso all'inizio del programma si sono rivelati i più attivi su [...]

  • Graph or Grid?

    The analogy is striking, and the coincidence as well. I have recently had a chat with Anthony Candiello (from INFN's Grid Computing Technology Transfer Office) about one of the most fascinating trends in technology, the one he calls Great Global Grid. I was unsure about using the "GGG" acronym [...]

  • The green network

    We have always considered plants as mostly passive beings, able to perform just a small set of very simple and limited reactions to the most obvious changes in their environment. Light, darkness. Open, close. Raise, lower. But a team of researchers led by Josef F. Stuefer from the Radboud University [...]

  • Innovative movies

    Too bad I won't be able to be in Rome for the Hi! Tech innovation festival. Besides the event, Enrico Ghezzi has done a terrific job in putting together a compelling list of innovation-related movies. To be honest, I suspect that if I were there, I would have ended up watching movies instead of trying [...]