Divination and web 2.0

I wonder if Google’s business model, so heavily relying on targeted advertising, is really delivering its promise. Adwords, from a specific perspective, can be seen as the service that fuels the whole web 2.0 phenomenon, providing an easy revenue model based on advertising for every kind of online initiative: anybody can rely on a personal ad agency – kind of difficult in old-style publishing industries. It is not the only one, but it would be difficult to argue that, without Adwords, the blogosphere would be the same.

I wish I had the ability, dedication and time to write a detailed analysis on the subject.

Then, pure genius reveals itself: Domiziana Giordano uses the Google Adwords located at the bottom of news pages as a form of divination. It’s better than I Ching.


All of a sudden, any analysis of the Adwords phenomenon becomes pointless. And I must admit, contrary to my previous belief, that Adwords work – at least in one way, even if it is probably not the one the advertisers would appreciate.

  • zodiaclove |

    I don’t agree with what you said really….
    please explain further a bit more for me ;D

  • Enrica Garzilli |

    I have never never heard of AdSense used as tools to predict future, but I’ll try it..

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