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  • Dal Al
  • No, non è una stroncatura.

    Ho letto parole come "attack", "fight against" e addirittura "assault", tutto riferito all'opinione espressa da Martin Scorsese riguardo al dominio incontrastato dei film di supereroi. In italiano, con un linguaggio meno spettacolare ma comunque esagerato, ho letto che Scorsese avrebbe stroncato i film [...]

  • The Wholly Family

    A man came to Terry Gilliam's house in Naples with a big box of pasta and offered him to make a movie. The man worked for a pasta company, and the only conditions were that it was set in the city and nobody dies. The 20' film can be rented here.

  • Gravehopping

    Three years after winning the San Sebastian and the Torino Film Festival, Odgrobadogroba (english: "Gravehopping", Italian: "Di tomba in tomba") is at last distributed in Italy by SAP11. Directed by Jan Cvitkovic (read: tsvitkovich), the film tells the story of Pero, a professional [...]

  • The week that was – IV

    Last Tuesday, FIAT and Zastava (a Yugoslavian carmarker) have signed a collaboration memorandum. Rumors say that the factories in Kragujevac will be employed to build a remake of the Topolino. But, besides the interesting news about FIAT regaining its role as a major player in the automotive market at [...]

  • Innovative movies

    Too bad I won't be able to be in Rome for the Hi! Tech innovation festival. Besides the event, Enrico Ghezzi has done a terrific job in putting together a compelling list of innovation-related movies. To be honest, I suspect that if I were there, I would have ended up watching movies instead of trying [...]