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  • Dal Al
  • Singing eBook

    My original stance about eBooks was that it might be a great way to save us from the burden of useless paper, so welcome electronically distributed newspapers: but please don't mess with the relationship between me and my books. As Borges saidMy books (which do not know that I exist)and that's [...]

  • Dance, dance, dance

    It took me an unusually long time from decision (read a Murakami book) to execution, probably because I wasn't able to decide from where to start (which book?) - but, at last, the review on the cover did the trick and made me buy it: If Raymond Chandler had lived long enough to see Blade Runner, he might [...]

  • Hot Spots

    Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, presented today her latest successful book "Hot Spots" on the Generali Island in Second Life.  Lynda Gratton is considered one of the world's authorities on people in organisations and actively advises companies [...]

  • Hogwarts exposed

    Everybody may know the fate awaiting Harry Potter, and this time it doesn't look as an empty claim. There's a 72Mb PDF out there, all it takes is an obvious Google search and some tolerance for low quality on-screen reading. A security leak is no surprise at all, considering the enormous number of copies [...]

  • Scontro di culture

    Ora mi metto nei guai: devo dire la mia sul caso "Nokia/Domiziana Giordano". Parto da lontano. Pur non essendo un critico letterario (notate la finezza dell'argomentazione? mi sbilancio io stesso su un terreno per me scivoloso!), so di poter affermare che Il codice da Vinci è un libro scadente. [...]