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  • Dal Al
  • Bach on a Moebius strip

    The geometrical beauty in J.S. Bach's opus, visualized. The Moebius strip is, simply put, a surface with just one side. A canon is a musical composition based on a melody, played along with one or more variations (or, in the simplest cases, exact replicas) starting after a delay. Bach's canon [...]

  • The Wholly Family

    A man came to Terry Gilliam's house in Naples with a big box of pasta and offered him to make a movie. The man worked for a pasta company, and the only conditions were that it was set in the city and nobody dies. The 20' film can be rented here.

  • How bad is multitasking?

    Interesting connection between information overload and multitasking in an article by Derek Dean and Caroline Webb on the McKinsey Quarterly (membership required), with excellent bibliographical coverage from a neurological point of view (see below). I have actually always considered information overload [...]

  • Eurovision 2008

    I have just finished watching a few minutes of the 2008 Eurovision song contest, hosted by Serbia  (having won the last edition with Marija Šerifović's Molitva). As the Museum of Broadcast Communication puts it, while its cultural merits are dubious, the event has become a television landmark, [...]

  • Earthquake

    32 years ago I was sleeping in my parents' car, parked in my grandfather's backyard and well away from any tall buildings. A couple of hours before that, we had left our 4th floor flat because of an earthquake - but nothing serious had really happened in my home town (which is more than 50km away from [...]

  • Creative Licences

    I recently wrote about the German initiative for releasing TV contents on the web with a Creative Commons licence. I also discovered a similar initiative from the BBC, which created a specific licence to allow users from the UK to access valuable archives such as the British Film Institute. But I really [...]

  • Allegorical game

    Jason Rohrer's Passage is a small example of what can be achieved with videogames, if the goal is communicating emotions instead of providing addictive gameplay. The best thing to do is to download (it's tiny) and play it (it's easy, just use the arrow keys). The game is finished in 5', no matter how [...]