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  • Dal Al
  • The Sistine Chapel

    A visit to the Sistine Chapel was mentioned (here) as one of the most interesting achievements that could be obtained by "being on the Internet", I thought it would be worth posting a link. Sistine Chapel - virtual tour The website offers a few more astonishing sights: Pauline Chapel, [...]

  • Proximity bubble

    Nokia bought Dopplr, so what? I didn't even spend much time updating my dopplr profile with dates and destinations of my travels, so why bother? Yet, I feel there's something relevant in it - but it took me a while to understand why. Every time I'm on the move, especially when on business, [...]

  • Plitvice National Park

    One day in Croatia, visiting one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe - inscribed since 1979 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a sad and impressive fact that this enchanted place, back in 1991, became the scene of one of the first armed confrontations in the Croatian war of independence. [...]

  • Motorway signs

    I hate when I find hundreds of cars stuck in a 3m-wide road in the centre of a small village (especially if it's my own) because their GPS navigator is acting so smart, telling them to get out of the motorway in order to avoid heavy traffic. Here is a sign I'd like to see on the A4. [image created [...]