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  • Dal Al
  • Perspective

    The best minds of my generation had apparently more to say about the early demise of Steve Jobs, a brilliant entrepreneur, than they felt appropriate for Amy Winehouse. This is said without the least intention to minimize the feelings of those who mourn his loss. It is not as much about human beings, [...]

  • Singing eBook

    My original stance about eBooks was that it might be a great way to save us from the burden of useless paper, so welcome electronically distributed newspapers: but please don't mess with the relationship between me and my books. As Borges saidMy books (which do not know that I exist)and that's [...]

  • Intangibles and news

    There is a rich debate going on about the role played by traditional newspapers in the online information ecosystem (Shirky, Berlin Johnson), in view of the double challenge posed by technology on both content creation (the old mainstream vs blogs dispute) and distribution (obsolescence of paper). My [...]

  • Mittel Media

    Playing rugby under the rain has proven too much for me - even if under the guidance of John Kirwan - so this morning I had to give up my session at the Euregio Mittel Media event. The slides alone d0 not tell the whole story and are heavily unbalanced towards the subject of multilingual european citizens [...]

  • Meet the super influencer

    Universal McCann has published the results of a research on new forms of influence, involving 17,000 users in 29 Countries and trying to describe the way brands are influenced by web users. One of the most interesting parts is the attempt to create a detailed profile of the so-called "super influencers", [...]

  • Eurovision 2008

    I have just finished watching a few minutes of the 2008 Eurovision song contest, hosted by Serbia  (having won the last edition with Marija Šerifović's Molitva). As the Museum of Broadcast Communication puts it, while its cultural merits are dubious, the event has become a television landmark, [...]