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Nuclear power financial arithmetics

Remarkable post about the financial feasibility of the nuclear power plan promoted by the Berlusconi government (DL n.112, 25/6/2008, art. 7), written by an experienced (although anonymous) manager who works in an investment Company.

Image from, CC by Bistrosavage

The main merit of the analysis is that it doesn’t list – for the umpteenth time – the environmental and safety issues related to the existence of a nuclear power plant, but it exposes a professional analysis from the financial standpoint. The outcome is that, in its 30-year lifespan, a hypothetical 1,800 Mwh nuclear power plant would generate:

  • a loss for the first 23 years, amounting to about €6.5bn;
  • a modest income for the last 7 years;
  • at the end of its lifespan, an overall loss of about €4bn.