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  • Dal Al
  • YouDem, YouTube

    Massimo Mantellini points out the disappointing approach followed by PD (the Italian Democratic Party) in the license agreement with users contributing to their soon-to-be-launched web TV: PD will have the rights to do anything they want with the content, but those rights are not exclusive (i.e. the [...]

  • Frogs, crosses and licenses

    A sculpture representing a crucified frog, on display at a museum in Bolzano, has been strongly criticized by the President of the Regional Council, who required its removal and obtained support to his request from the Vatican. The work, created by Martin Kippenberger, shows a green frog on a cross with [...]

  • Podcast neutrality

    Last June, the Internet Access Task Force of the US Federal Trade Commission issued a report, summarizing their findings on the subject of network neutrality (the principle that obliges the telecommunication companies that transport internet traffic to not discriminate the content that they transport). [...]