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  • Dal Al
  • Enzo Jannacci

    Ho saputo della morte di Enzo Jannacci attraverso Twitter. Drammi raccontati in pochi caratteri, come in questa sua splendida e visionaria canzone. Non riesco a pensare a un miglior modo per ricordarlo che non sia di non dimenticare mai di tentare di mettere un po' di bellezza anche nella miriade di [...]

  • Tweetburger

    Last week, the food giant McDonald launched a media campaigns on Twitter, inviting the public to share 140-letters-long stories about their experience with the restaurants, the food, the brand or whatever. After a few hours, the hashtag #McDstories was taken away from the home page of Twitter as the [...]

  • Twitterdämmerung

    One month to create an Opera, libretto and musical score, and perform it - starting from just an opening scene:One morning, very early, a man and a woman were standing, arm-in-arm, in London’s Covent Garden. The man turned to the woman and he sang…The Royal Opera House is making a daring crowdsourcing [...]