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Creative Licences

I recently wrote about the German initiative for releasing TV contents on the web with a Creative Commons licence. I also discovered a similar initiative from the BBC, which created a specific licence to allow users from the UK to access valuable archives such as the British Film Institute. But I really regret the "UK-only" clause and I am surprised by the emphasis they put in stating that "they really mean it" (from the FAQ):

How much enforcement of the UK-only clause will be done?
The BBC and members of the Creative Archive Licence Group will be
actively monitoring the use of content under the terms of the Creative
Archive Licence and may where appropriate take action to enforce the
terms of the licence.

Looking at the impressive quantity and quality of contents that are present in Italy’s RAI TV archives, it would be really exciting to see a similar initiative in Italy. But, to be honest, some interesting radio shows are already freely available as podcasts from all three channels – even without any specifically dedicated licence. For italian speakers, I recommend an immensely enjoyable "Pinocchio", read by Paolo Poli.