Allegorical game

Jason Rohrer’s Passage is a small example of what can be achieved with videogames, if the goal is communicating emotions instead of providing addictive gameplay. The best thing to do is to download (it’s tiny) and play it (it’s easy, just use the arrow keys). The game is finished in 5′, no matter how good or bad you are at playing it.

Actually, deciding whether you are good or bad at playing it… is up to you. And if you can’t make any sense of it, just play it again until it does. Anyway, as the author says:

Your interpretation of the game is more important than my intentions.  Please play the game before you read this.

It reminded me of Zbigniew Rybczynsky‘s 1986 video for John Lennon’s Imagine, panning an endless series of identical rooms with characters moving from one to the next and so on.