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Playing rugby under the rain has proven too much for me – even if under the guidance of John Kirwan – so this morning I had to give up my session at the Euregio Mittel Media event. The slides alone d0 not tell the whole story and are heavily unbalanced towards the subject of multilingual european citizens – but it’s all I can do now…

And here are the reference links, tagged as "euregioLinks" on my account.

  • Fabio |

    Thanks Valerio, if my slides shout, then perhaps I could have made it, even if my voice is missing… Mr Haka, on the other side, won’t be proud of me.

  • Valerio Fiandra |

    I’ve been there, Mr Haka. The Enrichis were ok. Graphics too. The rest is Silence. And yours slides shouts.

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