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  • Dal Al
  • Singing eBook

    My original stance about eBooks was that it might be a great way to save us from the burden of useless paper, so welcome electronically distributed newspapers: but please don't mess with the relationship between me and my books. As Borges saidMy books (which do not know that I exist)and that's [...]

  • Mittel Media

    Playing rugby under the rain has proven too much for me - even if under the guidance of John Kirwan - so this morning I had to give up my session at the Euregio Mittel Media event. The slides alone d0 not tell the whole story and are heavily unbalanced towards the subject of multilingual european citizens [...]

  • Eurovision 2008

    I have just finished watching a few minutes of the 2008 Eurovision song contest, hosted by Serbia  (having won the last edition with Marija Šerifović's Molitva). As the Museum of Broadcast Communication puts it, while its cultural merits are dubious, the event has become a television landmark, [...]

  • Blogbabel closed down

    The BlogBabel service has been closed down (hopefully temporarily) by its authors last Saturday, following an animated controversy which was originated by the decision to alter the ranking algorithm, lessening the weight of links coming from blogs based on the Tumblr platform. Tumblr, optimized for posts [...]

  • Degradart attack!

    The law proposal S1861, approved by the Italian Senate, allows free publishing on the web for images and music, provided that they are in low resolution or degraded, for scientific or educational purposes and not for commercial use. Degradart is an initiative launched by Guido Vetere, promoting the exploration [...]

  • Podcast neutrality

    Last June, the Internet Access Task Force of the US Federal Trade Commission issued a report, summarizing their findings on the subject of network neutrality (the principle that obliges the telecommunication companies that transport internet traffic to not discriminate the content that they transport). [...]

  • User-generated content and Virtual worlds

    I think Vincenzo Scuccimarra has nailed it: as long as you seek amusement, entertainment and thought-provoking experiences, you need to be somehow detached from yourself and taken somewhere else, where your imagination alone would have not been able to take you. And this is why free-form virtual worlds [...]