The week that was – IV

Last Tuesday, FIAT and Zastava (a Yugoslavian carmarker) have signed a collaboration memorandum. Rumors say that the factories in Kragujevac will be employed to build a remake of the Topolino.

But, besides the interesting news about FIAT regaining its role as a major player in the automotive market at an international level, the news rang different bells for me – and, I am sure, for most of those who spent some time in proximity with The Region Formerly Known As Yugoslavia.

This car is legend. It is a version of the Fiat 600 made by Zastava from 1965, under licence from Fiat. Production continued until the eighties but the Fičko (read: fichko) remains as a complex symbol, infused with an ironic blend of nostalgia. And starred in one of the greatest films of the last 5 years.

  • auto news |

    Wow, This was pretty amazing and I really like this vehicle

  • Fabio Turel |

    Maybe here
    As soon as I put my hands on one (they sell them in supermarkets here), I’ll post a photo.

  • Jeremy Jacobs |

    Where can I buy one?

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