DegradArte. Immaterial Paradox – workshop

Thursday 29th, 17:30 – ex Mattatoio – Roma

the Degradarte laboratory on Novalab

the official website

"When, how and why a law about copyright gives birth to a provocative artistic and cultural movement."

By the italian law, copyright protected artworks can be freely
distributed on the internet only in degraded form. This principle of
negative aesthetics stated by the legislator starts and gives
inspiration to DegradArte, whose motto is: "from the degrading of art
to the art of degrading!"

The workshop will be the first public instance for theoretical in-depth
examination for this approach: the controversial relationship rinning
through copyriht, networks and immaterial production; how can an
artwork be degrades; aesthetics, anthropology and sociological
perspectives connected to the idea; showcase and degraded VIPs!

Guido Vetere (researcher and bloger of Nova100), Carlo Formenti
(journalist and professor in New Media history and technique at the
University of Lecce), Gennaro Francione (the anti-copiright judge),
Antonio Caronia (professor in Communication at the Brera Academy of the
Arts), Luigi Pagliarini (artist and professor at the Academy for the
Arts in Bari), Guido Scorza (lawyer), Massimo Canevacci (professor in
Cultural Anthropology at the University of Rome "La Sapienza"),
Cristina Tagliabue (journalist and bloger of nova100), Luca De Biase
(journalist and bloger of Nova100), Marco Mancuso (director of Digicult)