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Too bad I won’t be able to be in Rome for the Hi! Tech innovation festival. Besides the event, Enrico Ghezzi has done a terrific job in putting together a compelling list of innovation-related movies. To be honest, I suspect that if I were there, I would have ended up watching movies instead of trying to do something useful for my job…

Ghezzi made an interesting microprovocation in statedly leaving Blade Runner out of the programme, but I’m not so sure that it really is the best specimen of innovation in cinema. Actually, I have witnessed that it is the one (along with The Matrix) which is most often mentioned when talking about the subject: but I don’t agree. Like every good piece of sci-fi, it involves one strong shift from the reality we all know (and this shift is the one which drives the story) along with minor ones (whose role is to create the right atmosphere). By definition, these shifts are related to hypothetical innovations. But is really Blade Runner about biotech?

I am sure I can find at least one movie that is intrinsically about innovation. Any idea? Comments?

  • domiziana giordano |

    I have the title of a movie that is about innovation. The sociological point of view might be seen a s innovative. The movie is called Children of man
    I didn’t like it at first,only later i’ve thought there was something new about the vision of our very next future.
    check it out!

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