Pero speaking
Three years after winning the San Sebastian and the Torino Film Festival, Odgrobadogroba (english: "Gravehopping", Italian: "Di tomba in tomba") is at last distributed in Italy by SAP11.

Directed by Jan Cvitkovic (read: tsvitkovich), the film tells the story of Pero, a professional funeral speaker. It’s a film about the way we frame our expressions of love – in all the stages of its development, from contact and all the way down to loss and grief – into rituals: traditional or inventive, individual and collective, formal and even unorthodox ones. And how, at the very end, all our rituals – even the most personal and original ones – lose their intellectualized, artful value and meaning and leave us facing the essence of the feeling itself. But all this will not make any sense before seeing the film and letting the effect of the story (and of its characters,  sounds and colours) fade away a little.