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  • Dal Al
  • Singing eBook

    My original stance about eBooks was that it might be a great way to save us from the burden of useless paper, so welcome electronically distributed newspapers: but please don't mess with the relationship between me and my books. As Borges saidMy books (which do not know that I exist)and that's [...]

  • Sing a Sad Song

    A summer meme is travelling the Italian blogosphere these days. Ignited by Luca Sofri, its purpose is to write a post the personal choice for the saddest song ever. Mine is Tom Waits' Martha - it is not really one of my favourites at all, as his best ones are in the late Eighties (let's say, from Rain [...]

  • Eurovision 2008

    I have just finished watching a few minutes of the 2008 Eurovision song contest, hosted by Serbia  (having won the last edition with Marija Šerifović's Molitva). As the Museum of Broadcast Communication puts it, while its cultural merits are dubious, the event has become a television landmark, [...]

  • Degradart attack!

    The law proposal S1861, approved by the Italian Senate, allows free publishing on the web for images and music, provided that they are in low resolution or degraded, for scientific or educational purposes and not for commercial use. Degradart is an initiative launched by Guido Vetere, promoting the exploration [...]

  • No music day

    A strange initiative: No music day. I decided to observe it, and it was an easy thing to do in such a long working day: I just had to force myself to turn off the radio during the four hours I spent driving to Treviso and back. I listened to the sounds of the motorway, slightly covered by the gentle [...]

  • Innovative shopping basket

    Radiohead have made a new record, and it can be pre-ordered from a dedicated website. The shopping basket displays a question mark where the amount of money is usually written. If you click on it, the answer is amazing. It is good to see that creativity in the music industry comes from the artists... [...]

  • Eurovision song contest

    Ho trascorso un paio di giorni con dei colleghi esteri e, nel corso di un ottimo pranzo in un ristorante bosniaco, qualcuno ha tirato in ballo il tema Eurovision. Felice di averne letto qualcosa dal Guardian, mi sono unito volentieri alla conversazione che si è rivelata sorprendentemente animata: tutti [...]