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Cross border championship

The news is that Serbia won the Under20 european basketball championship, and the image shows a nice moment of the celabrations: it is not a proper kolo, but it conveys the happiness of the moment.

But I’m not going to discuss their victory (although I actually hoped for this outcome): what I really cared about was the fact that the event had been organized jointly by the Gorizia and Nova Gorica municipalities, across a border which has been staying there for more than 60 years and is going to disappear at the end of this year (due to Slovenia joining the Schengen treaty). Some say (and I know they are somewhat right) that the border will not really vanish, since it will remain stuck in people’s heads as long as prejudices are alive. But events like this, despite some unescapable rhetorical and "artificial" flavor, help even the most skeptical to be slowly acquainted to reality.

Photo © Gorizia Oggi