Former Slovenian president died Saturday

Janez Drnovšek [pron: janɛz dərnɒuʃɛk], former Slovenian President (2002-2007) and Prime Minister, died yesterday at his home in Zaplana (30km from Ljubljana). He was suffering from liver and lung cancer.

I would like to remember him with the memorable speech he delivered in 2005 during a ceremony at the Teharje Memorial Park (a monument to the victims of post-Second World War summary executions of suspected Nazi collaborators by the partisans), when he summarized the political and social framework which lead to the dramatic conclusion of World War II in this part of Europe (still today a delicate issue on the Italian-Slovenian border) and offered a way to look forward, while preserving dignity and respect for all the involved parties.

A colourful note (among many that could be remembered about this distinguished man, often seen as a spiritual leader from Slovenians): for a short period, while in charge, he also wrote a personal blog.