web2.0 crash course

25 colleagues, with the broadest range of professional skills and a large spread in knowledge about web 2.0 – from absolute beginners to very savvy users.

Two hours with all their attention.

A wonderfully equipped, hi-tech classroom.

…and total freedom about the content: I really must make them love the things I’ll be saying! So, where am I going to start from? Shall I spend hours in front of a search engine, trying to find a definition of web2.0 that suits all the different backgrounds?

Just to begin with, I will probably list some of the one-liners I like best, such as

– the inhabited part of the web [translated from Italian]

– the web as a platform

– the live network

and then stick to what it has really meant for me, from my personal point of view.

Twelve years ago, while I was still writing my thesis, a friend made me understand that "that internet thing" could become a job.

After two years – and dozens of websites and enlightened customer companies, we were desperately trying to find a way for us to enable our customers to take care of their websites, editing the pages by themselves. After all, we were there to imagine new things to do with the internet, and not to write thousands of markup lines! Making the customers learn HTML was not an option, and we wondered about the perfect tool that would have done that magic. And he made it! But others made other tools as well, and all of a sudden, ordinary people began using those tools, and wrote and published and connected to each other and the broadband and rich interfaces and digital cameras and the search engine and paid advertisement and…

They will have to take me away, out of the classroom.

  • Fabio Turel |

    web2.0 crash course

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  • Fabio |

    It is going to happen next Monday, I’m still working on the “hands-on” exercises, trying to give a taste of how the sum of online+social feels…

  • Boh/ Orientalia4All |

    apparently you enjoyed it!

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