Why did I stop reading it?

I’ve always found Jakob Nielsen’s considerations very helpful. But, after receiving a link to his articles via email, I realized I haven’t read his alertbox for a while. Then, reading his considerations about blogs, I realized why:

Obviously, I am referring to the user experience and to the style of
the content in this analysis; not to the technology used to serve up
this content.
Thus, what I call "articles" might be hosted on a weblog service. What
matters is that the user experience is that of immersion in
comprehensive treatment of a topic, as opposed to a blog-style linear
sequence of short, frequent postings commenting on the hot topic of the

[Jakob Nielsen – July 9, 2007]

Great: I feel perfectly ok with it being a series of articles and not a blog. I am positively convinced that Jakob Nielsen’s alertbox is a regularly updated column, with comprehensive treatment of usability issues. But I also think that such a column without a RSS feed is sort of lacking in …ahem… usability.

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