Open source language

An interesting consideration on the English language and its openness to new constructions, coming out of an unfortunate event described as "pancaking an iPhone" (letting it fall flat on its screen).

According to the Urban Dictionary, a definition (albeit the less voted one) for "pancake" is

means of landing a plane (generally a military plane) without your landing gear.
Also called a "Belly flop"

"Open source" is a suggestive description for this characteristic of
the English language, but – as the thesis is that this openness comes
from the ability to turn names into verbs – it has more to do with the
ability to create new meaning by applying rules in a new, imaginative
way. That is, a language with an open programming interface?

And what about the Italian language? The only way it is being changed is by the
regretful addition of English words (not a bad thing by itself) but they’re conjugated as if they were Italian: skilled becomes skillato …and many other (rather horrible) things like this one.

Any positive example of creative manipulation of the Italian language?


  • Pip70 |

    Ho/ha postato = have/has published a blog post. No other Italian word for this.

  • Fabio |

    Enrica, please… don’t open that can of worms!!! Well, seriously, you’re right: there is a whole lot of IT-derived mistranslations that are indeed creative, especially when there is a proper translation – but the English derivative keeps a special twist (not necessarily owned by the original).

  • Fabio |

    Guido: we’re concerned with language alone, so let’s take the freedom to say that it’s brilliant – I’m not sure about the reason, but it sounds sinister despite the lack of any specific reference to violence.

  • Enrica Garzilli |

    updatato: from update!

  • Guido |

    Gambizzare (hurt someone by shooting in the legs as a result of a terroristic attack), ok maybe is not so positive … 🙁

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