Facebook survey

Nòva24 is running a research initiative, based on the results of a survey about the Facebook phenomenon. Whether you are a Facebook user or not, take the survey!

My answers:

Are you a Facebook user? [yes]

To tell the whole story, I have a FB account and I login every now and then, joining some groups and events I’m invited to – but very lazily, and I have not taken any initiative so far.

1. What do you like Facebook for?

The ability to create loose communities, with weak and temporary ties (such as the group of people taking part in an event)

2. What are the things you do not like in it?

The irrelevance of great part of its content.

3. A tell-tale anecdote about your experience with Facebook

Getting a friendship request in the precise day when, due to independent factors, my esteem for that person was at an all-time-low. This way, the request played a positive role in making me face the issue and make it clear it with my friend.
[For my FB-friends reading here: if you’re wondering, than it’s not you. And no use in looking for the name in my friends list…]

4. You use FB for…

Fun, friendship and (mainly) to understand the phenomenon
[Possible answers are, in order: Fun,Friendship,Work,Other (specify)]

5. Did you read the Terms of Service?


6. How many friends?


7. How much time do you spend in Facebook, on average, each day?

Less than 10 minutes

8. What services do you use in Facebook?

None especially. Just reacting to those I’m invited to.

9. When do you use FB? (multiple choice)

On my computer at home
[Possible answers are, in order: at work, in my free time, on my office computer, on my home computer, other (specify)]

10. Do you read or update FB from your mobile phone?


The last page asks you whether you are a blogger or not. If yes, please spread the word…

Note for non-italian users: if you answer "no" to the first question, the translation for subsequent questions is:

  1. Did you quit using it? Why?
  2. You have never used it. Why?
  3. What do you know about Facebook?
  4. Where does your information about Facebook come from?