Instant appreciation

SWG, a marketing and media research company, has published on its YouTube channel a video exhibiting an application of its VideoWave system, analyzing the reactions of the TV audience to a couple of video interviews to the leaders of the two major (in terms of expected outcome) political parties.

The video shows the audience’s reaction in terms of instant-by-instant appreciation and enables SWG’s director, Roberto Weber, to evaluate the effectiveness of the two diverse communication strategies.

[via Morbìn]

  • fabio turel |

    Marco, that’s a stimulating idea! The first application I can foresee is to get instant feedback about the effectiveness of lessons, but I guess that an education professional could imagine a lot more than that…

  • marco rosetti |

    I’ll find your reference very stimulating. Thank you for this feed. It is possible to apply this clue to other fields as learning

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