Idea marketplace

The use of Information and Communication Technologies for energy efficiency is a key challenge to be responded to, and an idea market (with ideas treated as stocks, with their price influenced by people buying and selling them – with virtual money) seems to be an appropriate way to evaluate and prioritize ideas. As a member of the AMI@Work on-line community, I’ve been invited to participate to such an idea market on the subject of enabling energy efficiency by means of ICT-related creative sparks.

By looking at how ideas are being rated, it looks like the impact of virtual worlds in limiting travelling workers’ eco footprint is not considered relevant, so I bought a lot of stocks in that – hoping that that will turn the tide…

[The AMI@Work Family of Communities is a Europe-wide community of experts in the field of collaborative innovation, and the idea market is active until July 21st. Membership is free, as well as registration to the idea market.]

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