Perhaps somebody will find this too far-fetched, but – as far as environmental issues are considered, the Italian prime minister seems to be less progressive than Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom…

At a two-day EU climate
change summit last week, Berlusconi threatened to use a veto power to
demand less burden on Italian industry.

[source: Forbes]


The Crown Estate, holder of the Queen’s property, has helped trigger a
resurgence of interest for wind projects in the deep waters off Britain
by promising to invest in projects at a time when schemes are
struggling in the face of planning delays and other problems.


  • Fabio |

    @Alex: it beats me…

  • Alex Roe |

    Hi Fabio,
    You know, I often feel that Queen Elizabeth shows rather more regard for her population than Berlusconi does for his.
    This is odd considering that Italy is, on paper, a republic – run for the people by the people, whereas England is a monarchy – run, theoretically, by the Queen for herself.
    In this instance the Queen, who has no real power, is leading through example. Berlusco, who has bucket fulls of power, does too, but his examples are often questionable!
    Which country is more democratic? The UK or Italy?!
    Kind regards,

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