The Identity Array

In his recent post, Brian Oberkirch describes some tendencies in presenting content on weblogs, with a couple of emerging layout elements.

I am especially interested in the way some bloggers present themselves in their “about me” page or paragraph, with an “identity array” – that is a row of icons linked to their personal profile on various web 2.0 sites and services.

Here is mine: Typepad

As you might notice, the first one is for this blog: after all, a blog is often
regarded as a central point to which all the content converges (photos
and videos and everything embedded in blog posts or in sidebar
widgets). But a blog
is a specialized service itself – or, as I’ve put it in the Id Web map, just one part (the textual one) of my networked identity – and it could make sense to
de-emphasize the role of the blog as an identity aggregator, as specialized services for identity aggregation are gaining momentum.

var addthis_pub = “fabiot”;