Innovation, diplomacy, condoms and the Pope

What's the truth behind the incident with the planned activities for the official papal visit this year in the UK? I can only imagine, but innovation might be the culprit.

Has anybody ever taken part in a brainstorming session?

Crazy, silly, absurd ideas are one of the fundamental ingredients in a brainstorming session and their purpose can be to create the right atmosphere, but are often used as a warming-up tool or to change the focus when ideas are stuck around a single subject and creativity is sinking. Stupid ideas might even have a purpose of their own as well, providing the inspiration for something else: something that loses the unfeasible, impossible part but preserves the creativity.

The article does not say it very clearly, so I cannot be sure. But, assuming that

  1. it was truly the result of a brainstorming exercise, and
  2. the "do not share externally" note was attached to it from the very beginning

I wonder who is to blame, the people who created the silly ideas or the one who leaked the transcription?

Speaking of myself, what I can complain about the ideas is that they are indeed extreme, but are definitely lacking in creativity.

  • Enrica Garzilli |

    one and a half month, and still nothing.

  • Lina |

    ma che cavolo di inglese parli ?
    mi sembra di sentire akmadine jad !
    ma parla come mangi !!
    e dai un po’ d’acqua ai broccoli !!

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